why knowing workability of concrete is important for a project ?


Knowing the workability of concrete is important to know whether or not it is suitable for an engineering project. All three tests are vital, but the slump test is the most significant since it can be done at the site within few minutes. The significance of the three tests are as follows:

1.      If a slump value is specified and the slump test give a significantly different value, this is an indication that the concrete should not be used. Additionally the shape of slump determines suitability of use since true slump is the most desired and a concrete with collapsed slump or zero should not be used.

2.      The compaction factor gives an idea about the workability of concrete and w/c ratio. Concrete mixes with too high or too low compaction factor should not be used because either their workability is too low (low w/c ratio) or they are highly susceptible to bleeding and segregation (high w/c ratio).

3.      Vee-Bee time test is a measure of workability. As for the other too tests, high Vee-bee value means unworkable concrete, and very low ones means that the concrete is highly susceptible to bleeding and segregation.


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