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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Building materials lab reports

In today's global markets and increasing emphasis on quality, need for laboratory data has increased many fold and top of that accuracy and reliability of data is an another concern.

Our university's laboratories ( Birzeit University ) are equipped with the latest sophisticated building material testing equipments. I've took building materials lab during the second year.

Reports are :

1- Ductility
2- Gypsum consistency
3- Marchal test
4- Mortar test
5- setting time of cement
6- sieve analysis 
7- Viscosity
8- visual inspection
9- water absorption
10- Lime, Gypsum and cement

you can download them :

Click here

Note: please don't copy these reports, you can take ideas from them. To be a good Engineer DON'T COPY :) .  

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