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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Concrete - lab reports

Uses of concrete include but are not limited to structural components such as beams, columns, piles,  foundations, frames, and walls. The enhancement of the elastic strength of concrete when  reinforced with steel is primarily the due to the adhesion of the two materials. The bond  between concrete and steel remains undisturbed by normal variations of load and temperature.  The coefficients of thermal expansion of concrete and steel are similar, allowing the two  materials to work together without internal stresses due to differences in thermal deformations.  In the case of fire, steel in reinforced concrete is protected from loss of strength due to  excessive heat by the insulating properties of concrete. Additionally, the steel is protected from  corrosion by a film of cement attached to its surface. For these reasons, codes specify a  minimum required concrete cover. Steel reinforcement for concrete varies and may consist of  bars, stirrups, wires, and welded wire fabric. For most reinforcing steel, deformations are rolled  on the surface of the bar (in accordance with ASTM specifications) in order to increase the bond  between concrete and steel.   

Reports :

1- Job mix design
2- Sieve analysis
3- Crushing
4- Air content test
5- Ultra sound test
6- Core drill test
7- Schmitt hammer test
8- Crushing of beams
9- Specific gravity
10- Workability

Download :

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