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Friday, October 3, 2014

Culverts - Hydrology



A culvert is a closed conduit used to convey water from one area to another, usually from one
side of a road to the other side.

Importance to Maintenance & Water Quality

Disposal of runoff from roadway ditches will help preserve the road bed, ditches, and banks.
Strategically placed culverts, along with road ditch turn-outs, will help maintain a stable velocity
and the proper flow capacity for the road ditches by timely outleting water from them. This will
help alleviate roadway flooding, reduce erosion, and thus reduce maintenance problems. In
addition, strategically placed culverts help distribute roadway runoff over a larger riparian
filtering area. Culverts preserve the road base by draining water from ditches along the road,
keeping the sub-base dry

For the whole article you can download from :

Contents :

this article talks briefly about :

- Culvert Profile
- Culverts For Stream Crossings
- Culverts For Runoff Management
- Maintenance At Sensitive Aquatic Environment Crossings
- Fish friendly designs
- Culvert Installation/Replacement
- Head Walls (Headers)
- Cleaning and Maintenance

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