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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sichuan Earthquake - Field report

China is located in a region of high seismicity. Many large and destructive events have occurred in China and caused a large number of fatalities and significant damage. On 12 May 2008, the Sichuan Earthquake struck, this event was one of the worst natural disaster in recorded history, and is referred to as the “Great Earthquake” in China. With an estimated magnitude of 8, it caused a huge damage.

Sichuan Earthquake china

Many victims were school children, as more than 14,000 classrooms were damaged, half of them collapsed entirely. Almost 400,000 people had to be treated for their injuries.

I've written a report recently during my Earthquake Engineering course this semester, you can download the report which is really good for those who interested in earthquake engineering.

Sichuan Earthquake china shear crack
shear crack in a school building


CHAPTER I                                           

·         Introduction  
·         Overview   
·         The Earthquake   

·         Damage in structures   
·         Conclusions and recommendations  
·         APPENDIX A - Retrofitting options  

·         References   

You can download the report from the link below ( Uploaded from dropbox )

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